Illustrations to the short story ”The last travel” by Claes Johansson, a former writer with Teknikens Värld magazine. The beatiful moody feeling was a result of shooting in black and white and having legendary painter Bosse Jenssen hand colour the pictures. The actual story about the last travel for three 1950:s cars and their secret cargo. Printed in Automobil.

September 1988. The authorities have finally caught the photographer Roger Shederin and is about throw him in prison for for the heinous crime of refusing to do his military service. Against all odds this does not become the top story in any of the TV channels. But it did become an interesting four page story with pictures and text by prisoner number 362 at the Viskan prison, Roger Schederin. Published in Aftonbladet. www.ViskanKåken.UtanAttPasseraGå.nu


Moon landing 1994. Did you know that swedes actually landed on the moon? Oh yes, the photographer, Roger S, that is, and reporter Claes Johansson went to the moon (or at least a gravel pit south of Stockholm). ”A giant step for mankind but monumental mistakes by Alfa Romeo, Subaru XT and AMC Pacer. Black and white infrared film, of course ... Six pages in Teknikens Värld.www.må


There is no english word for ”raggare”, a swedish term for people who spend time cruising around in, preferably american cars, trying to pick up girls (who are mostly unimpressed, it seems). In the swedish town of Norrtälje the reporter and the photographer met up the only two ”raggare” there were. They drove Chevrolet Caprice -76, painted matte black. If you look close enough, you can feel the smell of cheap beer, motor oil and 50's music.