Flying in towards the Forsmark nuclear power plant. But the photographer was actually stationary and the picture was taken from an observation tower adjacent to the plant. The picture and several others from this shoot were printed in Civil, a magazine published by the Swedish Defence League. The story was to be about the security systems surrounding a nuclear power plant and it proved to be top class: Roger and the reporter from Civil were actually thrown in jail for taking pictures of what is known as classified object, (that would be the power plant itself) without permission. Of course it was one big misunderstanding and they were soon rescued by the plants press secretary.

Spirit of S:t Lois. This was a picture from a story printed in German Aerokurir. The replica plane was built by Swedish Pierre Holländer who was also the pilot. The pictures were taken from another airplane.

Local football game between AIK och Djurgården at Råsunda fotball stadium. This is a close to Brazil you will ever get in Sweden. The picture was published in Sportbladet (Aftonbladet) and in the yearbook of the Swedish Football federation.

You have to look good. Even though you are a construction worker and protecting your eyesight may be more important. This is why the magazine Byggnadsarbetaren (The Construction Worker) tested some ten different brands of protective eyewear. Some shoots take you take you to strange places, this particular one brought Roger to the top of the city dump at Hagalund in Solna, just north of Stockholm. That's were the cover was shot.

A car catalyser is only functional when it's hot. But perhaps not quite as hot as in this picture. Roger actually took the catalyser from his own car, set it on fire to get the best pictures and then went to have the car inspected by official authorities to see whether it would be deemed roadworthy. It was. This shoot was for the Swedish version of the German car mag Auto Motor and Sport.

The Golddigger from Glava. Some would argue that Kenny Bräck is the greatest motor sport profile ever to come out Sweden. And he may just be. It's just that most people in Sweden don't really understand what a great feat winning the Indy 500 is. The pictures of Kenny were taken a year before that, in Las Vegas when he had just won the IRL championchip. Kenny is, without a doubt the race driver that Roger has shot the most: From the first races at Disneyland Raceway in Florida to his Indy 500 victory - The brickyard.

Håkan Lantz is the innovator who claims to have come up with the concept for colour graphics for computers and a number of other technical innovations such as a ground breaking navigation system for airplanes. The picture was taken in his workshop and was published in the magazine forum. tidningen Forum.

Hot shot lawyer Hans Strandberg comes out of court during a trial against ferry company Gotlandsbolaget. Shot for business magazine Veckans Affärer (Weekly Business)

Per Gillbrand took Saab from two-stroke to turbo. The picture is a portrait of a pensioner who spends his days building and fixing things in the basement of his house. Of course, he's holding a Saab-turbo. However, the actual brand of the vacuum hose, is unclear. Saab turbo