Roger Schederin is a photographer. By trade and at heart. He is perhaps best known for his work with cars, motorcycles and related magazines. But to say that Roger Schederin does car photography or automotive photography is a gross understatement.

He is a master car photographer or if you prefer: an automotive photographer. But that is one part of a vast array of areas in which Roger Schederin works. Or rather creates, enhances and improves as well as he documents or tells a story. Because that is the role of the modern freelance photographer; Improvise, adapt and overcome. All to deliver the images that the customer, be it a newspaper, a magazine, an ad agency or a corporation needs.

To be a creative photographer, such as Roger is sometimes means working long hours. And sometimes it takes a lot of patience as well as interpersonal skills: A lot of people are not necessarily easily photographed and needs reassurance and to feel confident. This is true whether working in the studio - Roger has his own studio in Stockholm, Studio Lighthouse - shooting car racing or working as a photo journalist in some far off corner of the world. He uses the same energy, the same commitment to the optimal end result whether it's about products or people, in a mud pit at a motocross race or in the corridors of power.

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